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The Gun Glove® was originally designed and created for the recreational shotgun sports enthusiast.  I would like to honor here some of the other groups who use The Gun Glove® in other non-recreational activities.

We are honored to support and supply, The Gun Glove® to the following Groups and Organizations.

  1. United States Military, including the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  2. United States Special Operations Command - USSOCOM
  3. United States Department of Homeland Security
  4. The British Royal Navy
  5. US Law Enforcement
  6. US DEA
  7. History Channel Mini-Series SIX


History Channel mini-series


Tactical Parachutists love them for their Tactile Touch when it is really needed.






   "Love your Gloves"





When only the best will do !


Gloves That you can depend on.

On Target


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  • Alexander

    There seems to be more to your product than meets the eye at first glance.

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