About the Gun Glove

THE GUN GLOVE was designed and developed for the shooting sportsman. Manufactured to exacting standards from high performance materials assuring a long wearing and durable shooting glove, that will enhance your shooting experience.

THE GUN GLOVE provides the ultimate in comfort and performance, made in 13 different sizes assuring a true fit for all hand sizes. The gloves are close fitting, providing an excellent grip with a sensitive tactile touch to the gun. Breathable construction assures your comfort by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Modern materials allow the gloves to be machine washable, restoring the original fit and feel.

The gloves afford protection to the gun metal and wood against hand oils and acids and help protect against scratches. In addition to protecting the gun, the gloves also protect your hands from abrasion and other extreme elements encountered in the shooting sports.

I am sure you will find THE GUN GLOVE to be a benefit to you and your shooting experience.

Many others have expressed their total satisfaction with THE GUN GLOVE, and their comments can be read on our testimonial page. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions or comments you may have about the product.
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

Two Weights to Choose

Two different weight gloves so that all weather and shooting conditions can be dealt with effectively.

The Gun Glove - Standard Weight

Standard Weight

The STANDARD WEIGHT has heavier Clarino Suede Palms and Fingers, additional lining under the spandex tops and all suede forchetes.

Available in 1 Color

The Gun Glove - Summer Weight

Standard Weight

The SUMMER WEIGHT has lighter Suede Palms and Fingers, no linings and lightweight polyester forchetes for additional breathablity and sensitivity of touch.

Available in 2 Color