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6/26/204/4/2024  John H , TheGunGlove owner

I thought it would be interesting to see what ChatGPT 3.5 had to say about The Gun Gove Company, Below is what it reported. Cheers, John H

“The Gun Glove Company is a manufacturer of protective gloves designed specifically for shooting sports and hunting activities. These gloves are designed to provide shooters with improved grip, comfort, and protection while handling firearms. The company offers a range of gloves tailored to different shooting disciplines and preferences, including shooting gloves for pistols, rifles, and shotguns, as well as hunting gloves for various outdoor conditions.

The Gun Glove Company's products often feature specialized materials and design elements such as non-slip palms, finger reinforcement, and breathable fabrics to enhance performance and comfort during shooting sessions or hunting expeditions. Additionally, some models may include touchscreen-compatible fingertips, allowing users to operate electronic devices such as smartphones or GPS units without removing their gloves.

Overall, The Gun Glove Company aims to provide shooters and hunters with high-quality, functional gloves that enhance their shooting experience and help them perform at their best while ensuring safety and comfort.”


6/26/2023 Matt Miller , Great Britian
Just wanted to comment on what a great experience it has been dealing with John and The Gun Glove. Bought two pairs of summer weight for work (LE)….used them for the first time during my handgun re-classification. No problems whatsoever. Great fit and no dexterity issues. Later noticed a small area of stitching on the second pair was coming apart. Returned to the US for a replacement, and John sent me a new pair and the damaged pair to keep as a contribution towards the UK > US postage…..class touch by John, what a great guy and brilliant company to do business with. Cheers!

2/24/2022 Barry Hamblett, bhamblett@baxterpackaging.com
John... I have been using the Gun Glove for more than 5 years . I have Graduated to buying these gloves for my Shooting friends and some of the more advanced shooters that I encounter with whom I shoot Clays. They have all raved about the difference these glove offer. I keep spare New gloves in my bag to give to serious shooters who will use them. Every pair I have given away I see again at the tournaments. Serious shooters are looking for ways to remove Variables in their shooting routine . Grip on your firearm is one of the most important variables that NO One thinks about. With the Gun Glove you have the exact same grip every time you pick up your firearm. Summer while sweating, winter with cold hands. Exactly the same Grip every shot . NO More sweaty hands. And they last for several seasons if you take care of them.
Thank you Gun Glove

3/14/2020 John C
Just wanted to say great gloves and my first choice for deployments. Used them in Iraq and they are perfect thank you.
Thanks, John

3/12/2020 Tom Peterson
Hey John,
The quality of your products are matched only by the quality of your service. I will forward the gloves directly to you.
Manny Thanks, Tom

10/5/2019 Dave H
Great glove. Exceeded my expectations. Fits perfectly. I will recommend these gloves for any of my shooting friends.
Thank You

2/25/2020 Jonathan Dawkins
Hey John,
I got my summer weights yesterday and shot with them this A.M. They are great ! Again, they are really great !! Shipment was very quick, package was in excellent shape, the over all service was phenomenal. Ordered on a Thursday and received them on Monday, in time for Tuesday's shoot. That is what I call service. I hope you are smiling when reading this, because I am. I should carry some of your business cards, because people will buy the heck out of these for shooting in "HOT" weather ! .
Thanks again, Jonathan Dawkins

3/2/2020 John Moore

John: My gloves just arrived - a pair each of standard and summer weight. Fit perfect. Thanks for contacting me about needing a half size larger for the standard weight. My normal 10 1/2 would have been too small. These are the fourth and fifth pair of your gloves I’ve used for nearly 20 years. Still using well-worn pair at least 10 years old. Thanks for your product ... and your service..
Thanks for a great set of gloves AND excellent service.
Thanks , John Moore, Wetumpka, AL

10/5/2019 Mark Roberts
The Gloves arrived today and fit perfectly.
Thanks for a great set of gloves AND excellent service.
Thanks , Mark

10/6/2019 Jeffrey Osment
John... I was looking for gloves to go bird shooting in Argentina for my son and I. Wow, these gloves are amazing! I wish I would have discovered these gloves before I ordered a bunch of other brands to try. Nothing even comes close to the fit and dexterity that these gloves offer. Simply the best !
Thanks again  Jeff

10/1/2019 Jeffrey Osment
John... John Thank you for the great customer service. Your gloves are amazing ! Best shooting gloves by far !

8/28/2019 Bill Watson
John... Gotta say your gloves are "just what the doctor ordered". For some odd reason, they seem to provide just a bit more in the way of a sense of control.... something like stepping off the ice onto dry ground. Not that I'll ever be a champion shooter but, I will enjoy it more. 
Thanks again for your help.       Bill

1/17/2019   RJ Martin
Just received my first pair. AWESOME GLOVES !!!   Fit per the chart was perfect, just ordered a standard weight pair.  These gloves are very well engineered, fit perfectly and are better than gloves I 've seen that are 2X the cost.            Thanks, RJ Martin

6/2//2018    Robin Hood
Thanks John, The best gun glove I've ever had. Feels freat, fits perfect, and all at a great price !!! Could not be Happier... Thank you so much, I'll be back.... Your friend Robin Hood

8/16/2018    Mike Hudick   John... I need to thank you for the excellent service you provided me by replacing my damaged right glove with a new PAIR.  It's more than I expected but it's definitely something I will remember when people ask me about the gloves I wear. With best regards,  Mike

4/9/2018    John Klinger
Received a replacement pair today.
Great People
Great Service
Great Product
Thanks from a customer for life !!!

8/9/2017    Hello from Russia
Hi John
Best Gloves in ACTION, some foto for your web site.

2/19/2018    Alejandro Rodriguez
I have used various manufacturer's gloves in the past for firearm qualifications and shotgun sports but they all suffered from either workmanship quality, loss of dexterity, or improper fit until I found The Gun Glove. Since I live in a warm climate I opted for the summer weight  and after using them for approximately one year I am thoroughly impressed. They have held up well, are very comfortable to wear, and I do not suffer any loss of dexterity while manipulating any of the firearm platforms.
I highly recommend them.

1/14/2018     Tex
WOW ! Fabulous gloves for shotgun, rifle and pistol shooting.
Very Tactile and helps a little with recoil. 10 Stars

2/20/2017  John Hryncewich site owner
I would like to thank the Cast & Crew from History Channels mini-series SIX, for their use and appreciation of The Gun Glove.
Shown in action, Summer Weight Beige & Brown Shooting Glove.
John H 

2/18/2017  Greg, 
Saw your gloves being used on "SIX TV series(History Channel) and was pretty intrigued . Are the gloves they use on "Six" the light beige/brown version or did you make a special color for the show?    
Ans: They are the Summer Weight Beige & Brown, as offered on the The Gun Glove web site. John H.

1/7/2017   Rick Hartman, 
Just a quick note to say thank you for a fine quality product. I was introduced to your gloves at a skeet range in 2008 and bought a pair shortly afterwards. Today I ordered another pair to replace my originals. Eight years and thousands of rounds later the contact areas finally started wearing through. I use your gloves every time I shoot skeet, or any of my other guns and will continue to do so., 

12/5/2016 | Thomas Mathei
Does the glove have any padding for the top of the middle to lessen recoil impact? After a few hours at the range I develop a painful bruise on that finger.
Tom: There is no added padding in the gloves, sorry,  John H
Even though I didn't get the answer I wanted, you amazed me with how fast you got back to me. Good news travels fast. I will definitely tell my shooting friends how great your shooting gloves look, and how quickly and how honestly you answered my question.     Trust is NOT undervalued, it's everything.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, John.,  Tom

5/2016 | Joseph Artes, Ramona, CA

I have a pair in the Black/Gray, they are perfect, feel great and very flexible. Thanks for such a great product.,  Joe

3/21/2016 | Brent Hoover, Oil City, PA

I purchased your gloves at the Nationals in October... LOVE them, although I need a new pair because I wore the old ones out.  But they are comfortable and the most durable Gloves that I have found,  Thanks. - Brent

Hello from some where in the desert

Just wanted to let you guys know I have been using your gloves for 2 years now in both theaters but I have been over here on and off for almost 7 years.

A student gave me his used pair and they work great for the work I do. I have also use them teaching and competing. I have put them through the ringer so to say and find myself repairing them with duct tape but the holes are catching up.

The top knuckle of each pointer finger seams to fray at the seam and each palm has a hole worn too. I used duct tape from the inside to repair them and they keep on ticking somehow. The outside grey material has been and remains in great shape as well as the Velcro.

I cant think of any improvements off the top of my head. Grey is perfect and maybe think of taupe as well.            Just wanted to let you know,               CS Campbell

8/30/2016 | Enrigue Reyes

Hi John, First let me commend you on the service, updates and quality of your product. This is my second pair in 4 years (they last a long time, maybe not good for you but excellent for us!). I’m very happy with them and the reason I bought them again is that my first pair finally develop a hole in the middle of the palm after 4 years of service.
Many thanks for making such a great pair of gloves. Thanks. - Enrigue

10/29/2015 | William Walton

Hello John, I just wanted you to know that I won both the Open and Veterans Class at the National Championship last week in San Antonio, while wearing your gloves. I am the 2015 National Champion. Thanks. - Bill W

11/25/2015 | Craig Horam

I shoot 10K+ rounds annually of NSCA targets and wear the Gun Glove on each round. They fit well, protect the hands and wear like iron. I don't shoot without them Thanks. -Craig H.


All Weather Shooting Artcle by Ken Podraza page 32: The Gun Glove is available in a variety of sizes to snugly fit your hand and comes in several weights of material. I was not a big fan of gloves until I started using, The Gun Glove, Now I dont Shoot without them. -Ken Podraza

12/29/2014 | Peter Quinn

This is the 5th or 6th Pair I have bought -- Great Gloves. -Peter Q

11/28/2014 | Kevin Colord

This is my third pair and the first for my wife. -Kevin C

11/28/2014 | Richard Leach

I Love your gloves. A little pricey, but not equaled by others. This is my 4th pair. -Richard L

2/18/2014 | Ralph Capewell

I 've had several pairs of these gloves for a few years now. Originally purchased for my shotgun sports. I have discovered that these gloves also work equally as well for tactical training situations with both pistol and M$ platforms. Better than so called "Tactical" gloves. Great product, great customer service. -Ralph C.

7/26/2013 | Karl Kleve

Great Products, they live up to the advertising. -Karl

3/29/2013 | Liz Z

I bought these Gun Gloves when the Grand American was still in Vandalia Ohio. Have worn them ever since. My son wore them for a clinic with Todd Bender, and liked them, so I am buying a couple more fore him and my husband ! I love this product,. I can't shoot without them now ! I am glad to see the Gun Glove is available in a lighter option for Summer.

11/15/2012 | Warren M Trunz

Love your Gloves. Will never buy another brand ! -Warren

7/2/2010 | Jack Steeneveld

I have used thse gloves for about 10 years and would not like to shoot without wearing them. -Jack

5/5/2012 | Larry Bowers

Like your product, this is my third pair -Larry