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The Weather Stick

Over the years people have asked me to add NEW products to my Web Site. I never have,  because I didn’t have anything that I considered SPECIAL or UNIQUE to compliment the GUN GLOVE.

For almost 30 years I have been using a Novelty product that I purchased from a country store in New England. I thought that it would be fun to offer it on my Web Site, even though it has nothing to do with shooting, but has everything to do with FUN.

The WEATHER STICK, will tell you what the weather  outside is doing. With good weather about,  they will point to the sky, and when things are not so pleasant they will point to the ground. We don’t know why, but the OLD TIMERS had faith in them and that is good enough for us.

Mount it Outdoors with the attached Nail > UP, under an eave, on a window frame or out on the garage wall, anywhere you can see it from the inside, and be ahead of the weather all of the time.

The Weather Sticks make a great gift for people that you care about and are FUN to have. If for any reason you don’t agree with me, simple return them for a full refund.

There are Two(2) Weather Sticks in each package.
Free shipping.
ENJOY, All the best, John H
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About The Gun Glove

THE GUN GLOVE provides the ultimate in comfort and performance, made in 13 different sizes assuring a true fit for all hand sizes. The gloves are close fitting providing and excellent grip with a sensitive tactile touch to the gun. Breathable construction assures your comfort by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Modern materials allow the gloves to be machine washable, restoring the original fit and feel.